Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Aracar’s app help my company get to know my customers?

The app lets you communicate directly with your customers.

It also lets you know if your customers are interested in buying a vehicle, if they are eligible to receive financing for that vehicle and what type of vehicle they are likely to buy.

The app lets you know how well your sales team is doing and provides reviews so you know what your customer thinks of your dealership.

2. How can I receive Floorplan financing from Aracar on my vehicle inventory?

Using the Aracar App allows a simple and quick way to receive your vehicle inventory financing by providing Aracar with details on your inventory so we can determine your loan amount

3. How can Aracar help me increase the number of products to sell to my customers?

Aracar provides help selling your customers the Aracar Car Savings Plan™ which brings vehicle ownership to the unbanked, customized insurance products, financing consumers for car repairs, professional driver vehicle purchase plans and additional vehicle ownership products.

4. How can Aracar increase my customer base eligible for vehicle financing?

The Aracar Score approves far more people than traditional banks for car loans providing custom car loan products to increase purchasing options for your customers.

Aracar also provides custom car loan products to increase purchasing options for small businesses.

5. How can Aracar increase my car sales to Women?

We help dealers create a friendly buying experience for women customers to gain the trust of women to enter your dealership.

We help you empower women to own vehicles by providing relevant information by providing a customized product to increase sales.

6. How can I grow my sales with the Aracar Marketing Services™?

Aracar Marketing Services™ takes the heavy lifting off of a dealers plate as we will provide optimization of marketing budgets by handling your advertising campaigns.

This will bring more customers into your dealership which increases your customer conversion rate, ultimately allowing you to sell more cars online.